Michelle Lanzon

Michelle Lanzon

Michelle Lanzon

Massage Therapist

Michelle is a registered massage therapist with a diploma in remedial massage and integrates various techniques into the foundation of remedial massage

Techniques such as: Myofascial release, trigger points, Swedish massage, jostling and stretching, combining different therapies as needed to promote and support your well-being.

Body Mind Connection

Michelle is passionate in the beliefs of the body-mind-spirit connection, and continues to study her love of giving and receiving massage. She has recently completed an approved training course in Ayurvedic Marma Point Massage from the London Centre of Indian Champissage.

Intuitive and personal

Michelle has an intuitive, calm and caring approach. This provides a personal treatment plan to support the body’s own healing process, and optimising your physical and emotional wellbeing.


Michelle offers the following treatments:

  • Remedial Massage : Hi-caps private health rebates
  • Relaxation Massage,Swedish Massage