Louise Siwicki

Louise Siwicki

Louise is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Coach, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner & Hypnotherapist. She offers specialised coaching programs for infertility, pregnancy and motherhood.

Louise supports woman along their journey to achieving their dreams. She helps manage your mindset and heal the root causes of stress and anxiety, the negative emotions and limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your dreams.


Her personal journey towards starting a family took an unexpected turn with tests, specialists, fertility issues, needles and treatments. Throughout that time Louise and her husband had little support or effective direction, stumbling our way through a myriad of clinical options by trial and error, which was emotionally taxing and disorientating.

Mental Wellbeing

The turning point came after yet again another failed attempt to fall pregnant and  Louise’s fertility specialist suggested a six month break to work on her mental wellbeing. Disheartened she took on the advice and took a step back from the chaotic world of her own infertility.

The root cause

Louise got to the root cause of her issues by working with an NLP Coach. This and other key factors contributed to Louise and her husband finally conceiving their son. Louise is now a mother to two beautiful boys. She is an absolute beach lover, and an uncoordinated but enthusiast yogi. 


The Service

1 on 1 coaching is provided in one, two or three month package package options.

All packages are bespoke and tailored to your individual needs and offered at the costs below.

1 month  $800.00

2 months $1400.00

3 months $1800.00

Louise recommends booking a no-obligation FREE initial 30 minute discovery session to discuss your needs in further detail.


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