Katie Laurie

Katie Laurie

Massage Therapist & Integrative Health Practitioner/Clinic Coordinator

Katie is a certified massage therapist specialising in relaxation & aromatherapy massage. She has a long, deep-seated interest in the effect that stress has on our nervous system, how it is held in the body & how it can be safely & effectively released.

Relaxation & Aromatherapy Massage

Katie believes in offering a journey of the senses when treating clients. She loves to incorporate sensations of sound & fragrance into her sessions to evoke even deeper states of relaxation & promote the diffusing of stress & tension from the body, mind & soul. She uses a variety of techniques all aimed towards promoting profound embodied experience.

Body-Mind Experiences & Solutions

Skills and trainings that helped Katie cultivate her ability to hold space include counselling, holistic health coaching, somatic stress release & yoga teacher training. Katie is currently studying Remedial Massage Therapy to strengthen her understanding of the body & how to guide it back into balance.

As a certified Integrative Health Practitioner Katie continues to learn & enhance her understanding of imbalance in the body through elements of nutrition, functional testing & lifestyle habits. She acknowledges that for your body to heal it is essential to get the root cause of issues that are causing unease & suffering. To help her grow her experience Katie is working currently under an apprentiship with Jan Denecke at Upaya.


Katie: “We have our own innate ability to heal & rebalance, given the right approach, tools, time, diligence & compassion. My ambition is to create and offer space for others to find healing & connection within themselves. This through integrated and somatic experiences.”