Jan Denecke

Jan Denecke

Online & In-Clinic - Upāya Owner & Founder, Holistic Health Coach, Clinical Nutritionist

Upāya Owner & Founder Jan Denecke offers a unique approach towards health and wellbeing that forms a bridge between evidence based western medicine and deeper holistic body & mind practices. Jan offers 5-element Coaching (based on Traditional Chinese Medicine), mind-body food medicine, kinesiology, psycho somatic therapies, and energetic healing.

Jan has worked as Clinical Nutritionist (BCHs Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Adv. Dipl. Nutritional Medicine) for over 3 years at gastrointestinal clinics in Sydney where he supported hundreds of patients suffering from conditions such as IBS, IBD, Coeliac Disease, and Diabetes.

This experience helped him see the importance of a holistic approach that does not only cover conventional medicine but also body & mind therapies.

Jan: “There is not one fixed solution towards a healing process of body and mind. It requires a deeper understanding of your life, your personal nature, your environment, and your challenges to help you embody your unique qualities and powers.” 

In 2021 Jan opened Upāya: a multidisciplinary wellbeing clinic that offers modern and holistic mind-body therapies to help create greater purpose, happiness and wellbeing.

Available in clinic & online


Education: Clinical Nutritionist (BCHs Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Adv. Dipl Nutritional Medicine), 5-element coach, mind-body therapy, somatic stress release, Senior yoga & meditation teacher
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