Brenda Rosenfeld

Brenda Rosenfeld

Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist

Brenda is a highly qualified naturopath, clinical nutritionist, medical herbalist, mentor, international speaker and lecturer with 24 wonderful years of clinical experience. 

During her many years of practice, Brenda is well known for her results through gently encouraging, guiding and assisting her clients to better health.

She was an Intensive Care registered nurse for 10 years and brings her combination of medical system training and complementary therapies training to every consultation, bridging the divide between orthodox medicine, naturopathy and nutrition.

Brenda focuses on the body-mind-emotional connection and the way our body reflects everything that we think and feel. Brenda understands that our bodies want to be as well as possible and can be incredible in their ability to regulate and repair themselves. She also knows that each of us is wonderfully unique and each treatment plan is individually tailored to suit the specific needs of each client. Even if 2 clients present with the same condition, as their experience of their condition is different, their treatment plan will be different. 

She works with correcting the underlying imbalances that contributed to the development of the condition using a combination of different modalities to support each phase of the disease resolution.

She has a particular interest in autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular disease including high blood pressure and high cholesterol, insulin resistance and diabetes, osteopenia and osteoporosis and chronic illness.

Her belief is that “even though our birth number rises, ageing is completely optional”.