Ash Perrow

Ash Perrow

Creative Freedom Coach & Healer

Ash is a Creative Freedom Coach & Healer, helping others to create a life they love through a depth of experience, presence & insight.

Life & Death experience coach

Ash Perrow (M. Ed, B. Ed) has lived a colourful life of adventure, creativity and service. In November 2016 he experienced leaving his body during a near-death experience (NDE) and returned with a contract to ‘be himself, share himself and walk the planet from the heart’.

He is an insightful coach who has navigated many life experiences including

  • significant physical health issues
  • severe clinical depression
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • pharmaceutical dependencies
  • long term relationship breakups
  • job losses and much more.


Exploring consciousness

These humbling experiences have led to a deeper appreciation of the wonder of life and explorations of consciousness, quantum realms, physical healing, healthy relationships, creativity, meditation, energy work, business and human potential.


Individual coaching

As a coach, Ash assists clients to envision and create a life they love. He has a significant range of tools to call upon and honours that each client has an individual pathway to fulfilment. He has coached people performing many roles including teachers, graphic designers, yoga teachers, artists, musicians, marketing managers, real estate agents, tradespeople, therapists and entrepreneurs.

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Book a session

Ash offers a free 30-minute discovery call to discuss with you your individual needs. He offers single sessions of a minimum, of 2 hours and tailored packages of multiple sessions to help meet your journey.

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