Mediumship is a Healing Art

Written by Julia Cox & Denise Litchfield (2-minute read)

Most people think that mediumship is talking to dead people but it is so much more. Mediumship is about this life and exploring the possibility that life continues after death.

Messages of hope

Receiving confirmation that a loved one lives on in the next world gives our lives new meaning. If there’s one thing our loved ones want to tell us, it’s that they’re ok. Mediumship brings messages of hope, love and encouragement for us here, now, as they see this & walk beside us.


Mediumship is about inspiring the living and a powerful form of healing

Whether you’ve had a wonderful relationship or not, sometimes there are things left unsaid, rifts left unhealed. It’s a second chance at another goodbye (or until next time). Mediumship goes beyond random signs like feathers and coins, to deliver specific details about your loved ones, their life, personality and shared memories so you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s really them. 


Healing & Closure

This is not about connecting with celebrities or spirit guides, but rather bringing healing and closure through a heartfelt connection with those you’ve loved and lost.
The healing benefits of mediumship:
  • Ease the burden of grief
  • Hear specific shared memories and stories of loved ones
  • Feel the presence of the spirit world
  • Explore the possibility that we don’t die
  • Witness their observations of your life since they’ve been gone
Have you ever wished you could have just one last conversation with someone you’ve lost? You can.
Mediumship inspires greater wholeness and wellbeing by bringing even further meaning to our existence.

About Julia Cox & Denise Litchfield

Julia and Denise
After meeting at a wellness retreat over several late nights in 2018, Julia & Denise teamed up to bring love, messages and healing from the spirit world to any who seek it.
They believe the highest response of their work is offered in tears, laughter and emotional release. 
While you won’t find turbans, strange voices or crystal balls with Julia & Denise, you will find pockets full of dog treats and an open bottle of wine in the fridge.
Their mission is to remind people that mediumship is about life, not death, and want to let you know that love never dies.

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