How Sound Healing works

All matter vibrates, every atom in the universe is in constant motion and has it’s own unique frequency. When we are unwell, injured or stressed, our cellular frequency is affected.

Sympathetic Resonance

A Sound Healing is a unique experience where the use of therapeutic sound instruments (Himalayan Singing Bowls, chimes, gongs, drums, rain stick, Ocean drum, etc) can help restore our cells to their natural frequency. This process is known as Sympathetic Resonance. This occurs when a vibratory body (such as our cells), responds to external vibrations. By using specific sound healing tools around or in close proximity to the body, sound waves readily pass through. Through Sympathetic Resonance the natural cellular frequencies can re-harmonise in areas of imbalance and, with that, promote and initiate holistic wellbeing and healing.

Frequency Following Response

Sound affects consciousness by creating specific sound frequencies.  As the brain follows these frequencies it moves our consciousness into a relaxed brainwave state. By presenting the brain with a repeating stimulus, it responds by gradually synchronising it’s cycles to the same rhythm. This is called the principle of Frequency Following Response, or commonly called Entrainment. This is when two separate oscillating wave forms gradually fall into phase and become one.


The principle of Frequency Following Response is universal and can be observed in many scientific and natural systems. It is similar to meditation in its effects. However, studies measuring brainwaves with EEG (elctroencephalography) have shown that the healing sounds can alter our brainwave patterns more quickly than in traditional meditation, allowing us to reap the benefits of deep states of relaxation almost immediately.

Energetic effects

This effect of sound has greater and more subtle energetic effects that reach beyond our cells and nervous system. Sound instruments also interact with our energy centres and Biofield (subtle body or ‘aura’) by harmonising, revitalising and refreshing our energetic patterns. You might feel after a sound healing session, ‘charged’ with energy, yet relaxed at the same time.  All these methods combined present a welcome opportunity to clear, balance and harmonise the entire body mind and soul. Letting you deeply relax while facilitating the body’s natural healing processes.


  • Deep relaxation
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Balances brain hemispheres (through entrainment)
  • Cleanses bio-energetic field
  • Realigns chakras (energy centres)
  • Re-sets normal cellular frequency
  • Empowers intention
  • Boosts immune system
  • Stimulates endocrine system
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Initiates healing

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