FREE: Supplement Support Session

Food is medicine for body and soul and forms a basis for the self-healing abilities of our body. In this science has shown us the wonderful qualities that specific biochemical components from foods can do in supporting our health.

In a session

In a 15-minute session Clinical Nutritionist Jan Denecke will provide you with supplemental advice for your health.
This can be: immune support, sleep support, hormonal support, gut support, stress support


Before every session you will receive an email with a health questionnaire to fill out which includes any current medication, health goals, diet and symptoms.

Why  practitioner only Supplements

They seem to be expensive and only available through accredited practitioners, so what is so special about these supplements? 

Practitioner Only Supplements as the name suggests refers to those supplements which require a prescription from an accredited health professional. This is because these supplements have specific properties that aim to alleviate specific symptoms or conditions that a diet alone cannot provide sufficiently.

Higher quality and concentration

• Practitioner only supplements have been developed to support optimal absorption in your body by including specific supporting micronutrients to transport these supplements into your body and your tissues.
• Nutrients such as vitamins and minerals come in different biochemical structures. Depending on the structure the body will be more capable of actually absorbing these nutrients.
• Supplements bought over the counter might contain nutrients that first need to be broken down by the body through enzymatic processes. In this process these nutrients might not be absorbed properly. For example interactions with other foods might interfere this, you might miss certain enzymes to break it down, or your digestive track is simply not capable of absorbing this form of nutrient. An accredited health practitioner will have a clear understanding of your health, your digestion and your symptoms and can therefor prescribe you supplements that have a higher chance of supporting your health.
• In general practitioner only supplements have higher dosages of nutrients and therefore might exceed the recommended daily intake. Only a practitioner can decide based on your health, assessment of deficiencies and symptoms what specific nutrient needs more attention and a higher dosage.

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