Breathwork: A medicine journey into your soma, psyche and soul

Sam Belyea is a rebirthing breathwork facilitator and embodiment coach. In this she empowers her clients to reclaim their boldest and most radiant expression, unlock their soul essence and to return to their power. In this article Sam explains her personal breathwork experience and journey.

Alchemy of breath

Breathwork is an alchemical journey within which the deepest transmutation takes place. It is a descent into your soma and psyche to retrieve and revive all the parts of yourself that you have left behind.

In the 13 years that I have transversed many realms of esoteric explorations, temple arts and medicine journeys, experiential training and academic study, nothing has impacted me so profoundly as Rebirthing Breathwork.

Cellular Memory Release

The Rebirthing Breath rhythm brings you into such a deep state of meditation that it initiates “Cellular Memory Release”. This enables a release of energy, emotions, memories and beliefs from the very layer of the cells themselves. This means that the shifts that occur during Rebirthing Breathwork are integrated and embodied in the moment as they arise.

The power of breath

During Rebirthing Breathwork journeys you become your own medicine. Your breath becomes your own doorway to access all that is hidden away inside and ready to be awakened. Your breath allows you to touch into altered states of consciousness where you remember the truth of who you truely are.

I am so deeply honoured to be holding space for this profound medicine work and to guide others back into their sovereignty through their own breath.

About Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing Breathwork is Conscious Connected Breathing through the nose, a technique created by Leonard Orr. It is a gentle form of breathwork that allows you to dive deep into your soma and subconscious.  It moves energy, unravels tension and trauma and liberates yourself from old stories, conditioning and beliefs.

Deeply meditative

Rebirthing Breathwork is learning to breathe from the breath itself. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system response in the body dropping you into a deep meditative space ~ an ‘altered state of consciousness’ ~. It allows you to rest, restore and repair on a cellular level, so the shifts are profound and embodied.

Every rebirthing breathwork journey is a profound soul-awakening experience to unlock your innate healing medicine and awaken to who you truly are.

Contraindications for Rebirthing Breathwork

Schizophrenia, epilepsy, vertigo and bipolar. Please inform Sam if you are currently on medication for depression or anxiety.

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