Balancing Point: Immunity (+ free ebook)

Our body has a natural intelligence to support balance. However, balance is a tricky word and we can spend our entire life trying to figuring out its meaning. It is that state of equilibrium where we have an equal distribution of physical strength and ease, calm but focused attention, and care for ourselves and others. 

Our body, mind, and emotions need different forms of nourishment to support balance like a wholesome meal, physical movement, and rest. Nourishment can be activating, uplifting, and energising like a sweaty power yoga class or gym session, a night out dancing, a rollercoaster ride at an amusement park, the excitement of a deadline. It can reflect, restore and rejuvenate us with a walk in nature, reading, classical music and meditation. These forms of nourishment help us to push our boundaries, and explore new and undiscovered grounds with patience, will power, enthusiasm, clarity, and focus.

During physical and emotional stress our immune system is more suppressed. This is necessary so that the body can continue to provide physical and mental energy and alertness to help fight stress. Longstanding stress will compromise the immune system and makes us less resilient against pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

Stress is also more likely to trigger other behaviours or conditions that lower our immunity such as lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and emotional turmoil. Changes to colder seasons also affect our immune system as our body needs some time to adjust and build resilience against changing weather conditions.


When our immune system is weak there is a higher chance of (low grade) inflammation in the body. Effects of long standing (low grade) inflammation can lead to changes in our body’s’ mechanism and responses. In time this can contribute to digestive issues, food sensitivity, allergies, auto-immune conditions, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, depression, arthritis and joint diseases, weight gain, and hormonal imbalances.

With holistic self-care the goal is to improve immune resilience though 

  • Avoidance of foods that increase inflammation
  • Immune boosting nutrients and practices



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